Alyssa Kress has a talent for looking at the ‘big picture’ of your story and helping you tell it in a more compelling way.  With her input, I was able to make my first sale to a publisher!

 – Leigh Court

Award-winning author of “The Disciplinarian”  and “The Bet” for the Secrets erotic romance anthology,  and the recently published Fear of Flying, among others 


As part of my critique group, Alyssa Kress has read and edited my work for the past six years. She’s read every one of my four books. Her suggestions have helped to make my work stronger and certainly more marketable. For me, Alyssa’s strength lies in her ability to ask the questions that help me flesh out my story and my character motivations. The result is a cohesive story that flows easily for the reader. The best part about Alyssa’s critiques is that she balances her editorial suggestions with positive comments about the parts of the book that really worked for her. I’m always left feeling that I’m on the right track, but I just need to do some fine-tuning. If you’re looking for an editor, I’d highly recommend Alyssa Kress.

 –Kathy Bennett

 Bestselling author of crime suspense: A Dozen Deadly Roses, A Deadly Blessing (A Barnes & Noble Best e-book of 2012), A Deadly Justice, and A Deadly Denial


Alyssa has an excellent eye for helping identify the important aspects of a story, especially the emotion behind what make the characters do what they do.  External conflict is important to any story (that’s your plot) but the internal conflict of the characters is just as important.  It’s often the emotion that readers remember most!

Jenna Ives

Award-winning author of Snow White and  Her Seven Lovers, and the erotic romance series Programmed to Please and Programmed to Protect, among others


Alyssa Kress has helped me organize my novel writing. She has concrete ideas on how to outline character and plot development. I usually write without an outline and I sometimes forget what I said before! My process is messy. She is very organized and I know her ideas will make me a better writer.

Myrna Sokoloff

Author of political thriller Hand of Fatima and co-writer of the movie An American Carol


As a first time author, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the editing process. It’s intimidating to share something so private for the first time, but Alyssa Kress gave me positive feedback that boosted my confidence as a writer while pointing out areas for improvement. She genuinely cared about the story and guided me into better character development, enhanced writing techniques, and improved scenes. The result was not only a better book, but also an evolution in my writing. Her positive energy, valuable lessons, and great advice are just a few of the reasons any author would be lucky to collaborate with her. If you’re looking for an editor, beta reader, or mentor I’d highly recommend Alyssa Kress. My journey towards publishing my first book would not have been possible without her.

Aubrey Bondurant

Debut erotic romance author of Tell Me Something

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