Services and Fees

All below fees are estimates. Final fee will be negotiated based on the status of the project and mutual agreement of all parties.

Sample Edit

Highly recommended in order to assess our compatibility and your needs. For a nominal fee, I will perform all edits I deem suitable for the first 3 chapters of your project (maximum 40 pages, single-spaced). This may include developmental, content, or stylistic editing, depending on how I read your work. Fee will go toward any additional work you ask me to do.

Cost: $10

 Development Coach

This is not editing so much as developing. If you feel you are having difficulty making your project come together, this may be for you. I will read what you have and determine at what stage of the process you stand. From there, we will plan a series of correspondence and Skype meetings in order to move and/or complete your project. I can help you develop or modify a plot outline, create sympathetic and believable characters, and keep you on track. The number of sessions will be entirely up to you.

First read cost:

0-50,000 words: $25

50,000-100,000 words: $50

Skype session cost: $50/each

Content Edit

In this edit, I  will look at the “big picture” of your project and see if there are opportunities for sharpening and strengthening the story you want to tell. I will observe your characters and help you keep them real and sympathetic (or villainous, as the case may be). I will be looking at theme, plot curve, goal-motivation-conflict, etc. Basically anything I see that I think could be improved, I will note, except for the nitty-gritty small stuff (see Stylistic Edit). Just as important, I will note what you have achieved and the opportunities you have skillfully exploited. Authors do not necessarily know these things, and they are essential information.


0-10,000 words: $100

10,000-40,000 words: $200

40,000-80,000 words: $350

80,000 -110,000 words: $500

over 110,000 words: negotiable

 Stylistic Edit (also called line or copy edit)

If you think your story is polished, then you may be ready for this service. I will go through your manuscript word-by-word to delete all unnecessary verbiage and to determine stronger ways to phrase. I will correct grammar and spelling. I will be thorough, but I will not be perfect. Nobody is.


The “OCD” edit (catches 98% of mistakes): $.01/word

The “normal” edit (catches 95% of mistakes):  probably around $.003/word

 “Professional” Beta Reader

You can probably find a friend or relative to read your manuscript. More often than not, they will have distinct criticisms such as “it dragged,” or “I didn’t like that character,” but they usually can not tell you why they reacted the way they did. I can pinpoint the why, and give constructive suggestions for addressing these issues. As in the Content Edit, I will be looking at the big picture, but in less detail. Feedback will be more general, though I will note places I feel are significant. This is a highly economical way to get professional feedback. Should you wish any additional editing after this step, we can negotiate a discount.


0-50,000 words: $75

50,000-75,000 words: $100

75,000 to 100,00 words: $125

over 110,000 words: negotiable

Skype or email follow-up

In order to keep prices low, I have set a Skype follow-up as an add-on. Should you wish to ask questions or discuss your project further, we can teleconference via Skype. I live in California, on Pacific Coast Time.


30-minute Skype call: $25


Any deadline will involve additional cost, negotiated based on the deadline.


First, please contact me via the Contact Form here, on which you will give me basic information regarding your project. After I reply, you will be able to send documents to the address in my reply. Please use Microsoft Word format. If I don’t like the font or spacing, I’ll change it myself. I will return to you a document with a new filename (to prevent overwriting your original) and my suggestions in Track Changes format. If you prefer a paper copy, we can work that out. If applicable, I will also give you a separate sheet with my notes and impressions.

Payments will be due when I invoice you via Paypal. For sample edits, payment will be due in full before I return the edit. For all other edits, payment will be half on receipt of your project, half upon completion.

What I can not do versus what I can

I can not –

Promise to make you sales, get you an agent, secure you a publisher, or put you on a bestseller list

Write a school or job application project

Answer correspondence from Friday night to Saturday night

Never make a mistake

I can –

Help you make your project stronger and better

Help you understand your own story and what you want to say

Give your book its best chance



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