Forms for clients and students:

GMC (Goal Motivation Conflict)

Character Outline

Plot Curve (4-Act Screenplay Structure)

Scene Formula

Sequel Formula

Books I have found helpful:

Screenplay by Syd Field

– This book will explain how to construct your plot (yes, just like a screenplay). You will learn what it takes to keep a plot moving throughout the entire story.

Goal, Motivation & Conflict by Debra Dixon

– This book explains how to make a plot believable with characters who make sense. Excellent for learning more about both characterization and plot development.

Scene & Structure by Jack M. Bickham

– In this book, Bickham describes how “scenes” and “sequels” follow each other and what is required to create a scene that belongs in your book.

Getting the Words Right (second edition) by Theodore A. Rees Cheney

– An excellent book about reducing, rearranging, and rewording in order to polish your work

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